Similar to my perception of London, Hawaii was never on my short list of destinations. For starters, you’re already well on your way to Japan, or Australia, or New Zealand. What’s another several hours of flight, especially in a 777 or 787? And, secondly, nothing makes me happier than exploring a new city with a camera in my hand. While I love the ocean and being on the water, I’ve never been the type to lay on the beach (or so I thought).

Sam and I spent ten days in Maui with our family this past December and I have to say, I’m a big fan. What it lacked in street and travel photography, it made up for with amazing views and weather. It was a trip of deep relaxation and family time, something I wasn’t aware that I needed as badly as I did. My morning routine was made up of meditation at sunrise followed by a walk on the beach with Sam, balancing the Fuji X100F and a black coffee. What I found to be a surprising benefit of a trip like Maui was that I felt more creative and challenged to make photographs that I usually didn’t consider. And, in a weird way, Maui was just as much about putting the camera down.

All photographs were created with the Fujifilm X100F.