London Layover

Every once and awhile, we must travel to remind ourselves of what the monotony of life makes us forget. That there's so much more to life beyond your digital screens, job title and daily to do lists. The past few months have been especially hectic with holiday travels and work and I find it incredibly terrifying how fast we can get caught up in the rat race (even after taking some time off to live in Paris with Sam). Regardless of a hectic schedule and polar vortex-like weather, I've managed to continue to make progress with my explorations in medium format film photography as well as continue to refine my creative vision. I look forward to building on that progress as Sam and I are off to Africa today for two weeks.

In addition to African travel explorations and photography, I'm beyond excited to be writing again and it just so happens that I'm typing away with a warm cup of tea in the London Heathrow United Club. London has, and continues to be, a great mystery for me. I've traveled a great deal but have never experienced London in the truest sense. I've only experienced what its like to fly through London. For whatever reason, London always seems to be a connection rather than a destination and I'm beginning to think that should change especially given my BBC-like TV viewing habits, love for Lewis Hamilton and the quick non-stop routes offered by every major airline.

While we're only here for a few hours, I'm excited to see where our African adventure takes us in the next few weeks. And, hopefully have a few photographs to remind us of the experience. 

Photograph taken with an Apple iPhone 6.